Electronic Resources in Medicine (NML-ERMED-India) Consortium, Managed by National Medical Library, New Delhi, India
An initiative of Directorate General of Health Services (Dte.GHS), Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MOH & FW), Government of India
NM-ERMED Consortium has introduced trial access of Access Medicine from McGraw Hill, it is a comprehensive online medical resource, that provides us with a complete spectrum of knowledge in medicine and provides a variety of resources including respected Medical textbooks, such as Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine and Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment.
National Medical Library’s Electronic Resources in Medicine (NML-ERMED) Consortium is an initiative taken by Dte.GHS & MOHFW to develop nationwide electronic information resources in the field of medicine for delivering effective health care. 70 state and centrally funded Government Institutions including all AIIMS are selected as its members. The members are divided into Level-I and Level-II on the basis of number of end-users in different institutes. There is no membership fee charged from members and the MOHFW has provided funds required for the purchase of electronic journals under the NML-ERMED consortium project. The consortium is coordinated through its headquarter set up at the NML. The consortium is working under the guidance of Dir. (Prof.) Dr. B. Srinivas, Director, NML, who is working to provide member Institutions access to Latest Medical Journals. The consortium will continue to be expanded and updated on an ongoing basis and suggestions for relevant and useful content are welcome. 242 high quality online e-journals are presently purchased from 5 leading publishers:
  • British Medical Journal Publishing
  • Cambridge University Press
  • Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
  • Oxford University Press
  • John Wiley
  1. Round the clock instant online access to multiple users through IP Address and customer ID.
  2. Access to resources beyond the physical space and time of the library. Users can access libraries e-Journal resources from their department.
  3. Consortium models offered by the publishers may help in:
    • Benefit of cross sharing
    • Resource increase by depth (Back Volume) & breadth (non-subscribed titles) to consortium members
    • Negotiable price for subscribed titles
  4. Ultimate aim of any e-Journal consortium is to make online journal literature available to unreachable medical scholars working in the country through electronic media.
  5. Facilitate better management of information resources in electronic environment.
  6. Hassles of archiving print resources and their management is reduced.
  7. Dissemination of e-Journal literature is more fast, more economical and more efficient.
  • Dramatically broader access to quality content from high impact factor quality Journals.
  • NML-ERMED to facilitate & implement access of ordered products and end-users of member institutions to receive training
  • No DRM restrictions on downloads and Printing
  • Flexible selection by title or by collection and subscribed titles at very deep discount rate
  • Low-cost, high impact way to supplement or build a digital Journals collection
  • Unlimited, concurrent user access
  • COUNTER-compliant usage data
  • Perpetual access rights.
  • Customer support, training and marketing resources for your library
  • No hassle of archiving and management of print resources.

Researchers and Students
  • Access to high Impact factor quality Journals which are fast, more economical and efficient as compared to print.
  • No DRM restrictions on downloads and printing
  • Enhanced discoverability through powerful browser and search functionality
  • Read, download or print by the article.
  • Access 24/7/365 to multiple-users through static I P address., users can access Journals from their Department.
  • Increased productivity and innovation through digital format efficiencies
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